Len Ward Photography
Throughout his career Ottawa architect Len Ward has pursued a passion equal to his interest in architecture - the practice of fine art photography. With an early interest in urban planning and heritage architecture, his first subjects were streetscapes and neighbourhoods. He soon moved on to studies of natural landscapes and finally to the most fascinating subject of all - people. Most recently, Len has brought his many years of photographic experience to his exploration of the human figure in the natural landscape. Inspired by the work of both past and contemporary masters, many of his works explore the almost primal relationship between the human body and the elements of nature.

Amidst the recent explosion of the popularity of digital photography, Len continues to have a deep appreciation for traditional photographic processes. Maintaining complete control over all aspects of his image-making, he works with both modern DSLR equipment as well as with medium and large format film-based cameras. Len processes and prints his own work, using both traditional and digital methods.

Len’s fine art images are hand printed on traditional fibre paper or digitally printed using fine quality paper and archival inks. All works are moderately priced and available matted and signed in a variety of sizes.

Len is available for commissioned work and offers portrait sittings in studio. He may be contacted at arts&architecture by calling 613-737-7300 or by e-amil at info@artsandarchitecture.ca